The Indonesian Essential Oil Trade association, (INDESSOTA) is the premier business development association whose membership is comprised of companies that manufacture, distribute or provide services to the essential oil and related industries. The Association provides services, programs and activities designed to support the business development objectives of its membership.

INDESSOTA is an organization which takes pride in being pro-active and member-driven. Policy and hands-on direction rests solely with our Board of Management and the various committees of our members. We thus make use of the specialized skills and knowledge of our industry to solve the challenges of our business. At the same time, we employ a highly professional staff in our executive office as well as a Jakarta legal counsel and a public relations counsel. Through our professionals we have invaluable entree to the regulatory agencies, the legislative scene and the national media.

Through meetings, educational seminars and other events, INDESSOTA members are afforded a variety of benefits and business development opportunities. Programs and events give member representatives the chance to learn new industry information and trends as well as make important contacts, dialogue with counterparts in other member companies and build relationships with current and potential customers. Additionally, INDESSOTA has publications such as the Indessota News and Events and The Directory Of Membership that keep members in touch with their colleagues throughout the industry and also publish periodically Market Report.

INDESSOTA has also assumed a responsibility for the development of future leaders of the essential industries by providing grants to colleges and universities for internships and other projects in the science related areas.

INDESSOTA has been serving and leading its industry since 1962. Though still called the Indonesian Essential Oil Trade Association, our scope is truly global. Our organization represents and serves members in all over Indonesia.

As a strong advocate for our member organizations, we provide support in the following areas:

• Government Relations
• Public Relations
• Technical Services
• Trading Services
• Information Resources
• Business Networking Opportunities
• Educational Seminars
• Global Communications

The INDESSOTA is member of the Indonesian National Standardization Bureau.

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